Canada’s Saddest Grow Op: A Journey Through An “Automated” Grow


There are many new grow boxes on the market boasting an automated system, but “automated” and “simple” are two very different things. This article details someone’s struggle with an automated grow. Key pain points for the grower included needing to move the box to a new location due to scent leakage, and then being unable to lock his box without WiFi access! Say goodbye to the security of a locking cabinet and seeya later app notifications. For all of his troubles, he got a puny single ounce that may have possibly gone mouldy.

In truth, an automated grow is a bit of an oxymoron - even foregoing watering and feeding your plants by hand, your plants will still need pruning and training to optimize growth. Even if you forget training and commit to a low yield, you will still want to keep an eye on your plants day-to-day growth to monitor their progress and any changes (such as a change of leaf colour) that would alert you to potential problems - so why not keep things simple?

Stealth Box’s organic system doesn’t need an app to operate when your primary nutrient comes out of your tap! You’ll never make mistakes like letting your harvest go to rot with our made-for-Stealth-Box Grow Manual, which explains the process every step of the way, from seed to harvest.

With a single organic flowering nutrient, no reservoir to maintain, and no app required, Stealth Box still yields on average 3-7X as much as this grower’s automated box did. Sometimes, keeping it simple is best – the way nature intended.


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