bakerstreet by tweed

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This was our first go at growing genetics from a licensed producer in a Stealth Box! Bakerstreet by Tweed was sold as an indica, but as you will see throughout this grow journey it posed some challenges for us as a sativa phenotype expression dominated the plants throughout flower. For a variety of reasons we only recommend growing indica and indica-leaning hybrid strains with Stealth Box - you will find them much more manageable! Even facing some pretty big sativa-style overgrowth, we were still able to yield 3.5 oz.

While we wouldn’t endorse this strain for Stealth Box, feel free to send us a message and we’ll point you in the right direction for suitable genetics!


Final Thoughts

In the end, we managed to harvest these plants in spite of any difficulties. The yield was 3.5 oz, which is a fairly middle of the road Stealth Box harvest. Out of the Stealth Box grows we’ve done so far, this strain was far and away the most challenging.

Most modern strains are hybrids - a mixture of indica and sativa. This means that even “indica” plants can take on traits of a sativa from further up in their lineage, which most modern hybrids will have. The mark of a good breeder is taking the time for a process called back-crossing which will stabilize the strain and allow you to have a consistent morphology across every seed (instead of some plants being twice the size of others from the same batch).

At the end of the day, there are very good reasons that we only recommend growing indica or indica-dominant hybrid strains with Stealth Box. The tendency for sativa strains to as much as triple in size during flower can make them quite difficult to manage in a small space. Had we known in advance the morphology this plant would take, we would have flicked them into flower much earlier in anticipation of the growth spurt.

If you’re wondering where to get good, stable genetics that you can count on, send us an email ( or use the chat bar in the bottom left corner. We’re more than happy to point you in the right direction for a successful Stealth Box grow!