Stealth Box - Form Factor

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Stealth Box - Form Factor

Growing your own medicinal or recreational Cannabis is very rewarding. You know that you are getting high quality product without any of the possible contaminants or cost-cutting measures that can be prevalent in the commercial industry. You can verify that the genetics you have chosen truly are what you’ve been told, and you will likely end up saving money from growing your own.

Unfortunately growing Cannabis at home can also take up a lot of your space and time if done in traditional ways. Managing an entire greenhouse over a growing season is fun, but it is also a lot of work and not everyone has access to a greenhouse or suitable outdoor growing area. Traditional basement style grow operations aren’t the wisest choice if you value your home as they can be very humid environments which can be damaging. Grow rooms also end up costing in electricity when you factor in ventilation, dehumidifiers, air conditioners and the grow lights themselves. Remember that people typically grew in basements or spare bedrooms to sell to the black market and this kind of growing may not prove lucrative or wise for much longer. Grow tents are an option but many end up taking up quite a lot of space, do you have room for a 4 foot by 4 foot, 8 foot tall tent? There are also durability and light leak concerns with many products currently on the market unless they are sold for a premium.

The truth is that many people would benefit from utilizing a smaller grow environment that fits easily into any home. Unless you have very high needs in terms of Cannabis usage most people would find it hard to consume the large quantities of herb that grow rooms or large grow tents produce. You also have to be prepared to sacrifice some living space as well as your time maintaining that size of an indoor garden. A smaller grow is able to produce enough high quality Cannabis for the occasional to moderate user who is truly looking for a premium experience when they choose to enjoy Cannabis. Because of the extra care you are able to give a small garden and the ease of growing in a simple organic way you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labour without working too hard for it.

The Stealth Box was designed to allow you to grow high quality connoisseur Cannabis easily in your home on a small scale. The box itself was built around maximizing the light output of a very efficient full spectrum Quantum board LED while having enough canopy space to produce a decent yield. This light is able to produce excellent quality buds at a fraction of the energy usage of outdated lighting technology. You can grow one to four plants and use easy training techniques to maximize quality and yield.

Because of the small size of the box it has much lower power and ventilation requirements than alternative grow methods, allowing it to run efficiently and quietly. The custom made Australian carbon filter has been designed to fit inside perfectly and neutralizes odour. Building the Stealth Box out of metal means it will last for years to come and that it is light tight as well as being lockable, something that grow tents don’t offer.

Being a small form factor also allows the Stealth Box to be, well, stealthy. Its unobtrusive size allows it to be placed in unused corners of any room and it will not dominate a space. Being lockable means that no prying eyes will ever be able to gain access to your garden.

Cannabis is a marvelous plant and it can grow to all shapes and sizes, adapting to its environment. Small plants produce buds that are every bit as potent and enjoyable as large plants. When you desire quality buds but you do not have the time and space to dedicate to a full scale grow the functional form factor of the Stealth Box really shines. We hope you enjoy growing premium quality herb in the comfort of your own home without the hassle of dedicating too much of your space and time. You should be enjoying and relaxing, not taking on a part time job.


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