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Why Organic living soil?

You may be wondering why you should grow using an Organic living soil instead of something such as using a hydroponic system that uses mineral salts. It’s important to remember that you are growing Cannabis with the intent of either smoking, vaping or physically ingesting it into your body. Cannabis is a bio accumulator, building up nutrients and toxins in itself that will be present in the final product. Avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides keeps them out of your body. You are the final destination of anything that goes into your grow. Keep it healthy.

Many chemical mineral based nutrients are not designed to be smoked and inhaled through your lungs, this may seem obvious to some but there has been a lot of misinformation in the industry during the black market time. Commercial growers were focused on producing large quantities of a product that was sold by weight, much like big agriculture they operate on a quantity above quality business model.

Because you are growing for yourself and your friends you owe it to everyone involved to grow your Cannabis with as much positive intent as you can. You are rewarded with a product that will make you question anything you’ve previously had. No one is going to take care of the growing and harvesting process as much as you will.

What is Organic Living Soil?

Organic soil allows your plants to live in a symbiotic relationship with their environment and allows them to naturally express themselves to their fullest genetic potential without being force fed chemically derived nutrients. Increased terpenes and disease resistance are just some of the natural benefits of this growing method.

All the plants nutrients come from the soil itself. Plants have adapted on earth in magnificent ways, they are able to work directly with their soil environment to exchange sugars which they produce through photosynthesis. These sugars are exuded in the root zone and attract all sorts of biological life including micro and macro biology. This small ecosystem is like a living compost system that makes nutrients available to the plant.

Plants can then dictate what nutrients they need by controlling their root system environment. This kind of interaction is only possible in a chemical free situation where this process is allowed to establish and take place.

The benefit to you as a grower is that this is possibly one of the most hands off, low maintenance styles of growing. All that is needed is to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged and not too dry. Nobody is checking the PH or monitoring the parts per million of the nutrients in the rain forest, it’s unnecessary when nature is allowed to operate unmolested. This allows you to focus on admiring your plants and learn the subtle differences in cultivars.

Enhanced flavour.

If you are a lover of wine or fine chocolate you are probably familiar with Terroir, or the certain flavour and expression that is obtained by products grown in a specific region. Growing conditions and soil quality directly effect how many products taste, even regionally within countries famous for growing wine or chocolate.

A lot of this has to do with soil microbiology that is specific to each region, as well as the individual environmental factors that exist. While you may not be able to grow your herb directly in the soils of Columbia or Thailand you can still ensure that your Cannabis is growing in a healthy environment full of microbes. Microbes that don’t exist and flourish in a sterile hydroponic environment. This means that your final product will be full of a myriad of flavours dependent on what strain you may be growing, as each strain offers different cannabinoid and terpene profiles to explore.

If you grow using bottled nutrients you are growing something that might be likened to a big agriculture grown hot house tomato, sure it’s a tomato but the flavour and texture are often lacking. Once you try an organically grown heirloom tomato you will never look at the generic mass produced version quite the same again. Cannabis is just the same, don’t settle for mediocre but instead grow connoisseur quality Cannabis with intent, full of flavour and with genuine expression.


Happy Growing

Growmaster @stealthbox