Stealth Box - Introduced


Introducing an Organic and Discreet approach to growing year round in Canada or wherever your grow may take you. We set out to design a grow box that could produce good yields of high quality cannabis that would be grown undetected in a aesthetically pleasing fashion. We were looking at this from a quality vs quantity angle using the simplest grow means possible - 'just add water'. This lead us to months of testing soils, nutrients, lights, filters, strains, techniques to come up with a formula that consistently produces results!

Once we got a system that worked - we scaled it down. We wanted to absolutely maximize yield per foot. To ensure we could have a small footprint box that could stand up to the next best. We kept a target range of 2 - 4 oz with the highest quality standards of organic soils and nutrients. We landed on a 20" x 20"x 36" footprint which will produce for you 5 mason jars of weed every grow cycle!

Over the next several weeks - I will take you through our journey and show you what Stealth Box is all about.


Happy Growing

Growmaster @stealthbox