Stealth Box - Growing Plants In Small Spaces

cannabis 1 v2.jpg

You may be wondering how Cannabis plants can fit in a small space such as the Stealth Box. Maybe you have tried growing indoors before and had plants that quickly overgrew their environment and became hard to control. While Cannabis is a vigorous plant during its growth cycle it can be controlled to an extent and guided toward performing in a small environment.


The first control against overgrowth is using fabric pots as well as having a smaller growing environment in general. Fabric pots allow roots to be air pruned which effectively allow the plant to dictate early on how much room it has available to grow. Plants will grow above ground in relation to how much root mass they have below. While growing organically in soil you are not forcing the plants to develop disproportionately large root system as can happen when growing hydroponically, so there is less inherent chance of uncontrolled growth. Healthy root systems are achieved using fabric pots which take advantage of air pruning to make the most efficient use of the space they do have available.


Using some basic plant training techniques you can maximize canopy space while simultaneously shaping the plants to best suit their environment. Simply topping plants, which is cutting the top growing tips off a plant, allows for root development and controls vertical growth. This initially somewhat high-stress technique results in multiple main stems spread apart a greater area. When a plant's top growth is cut back, two growing tips replace it. This can increase potential yields and allow for a more evenly spaced canopy while also controlling vertical growth during the early growing stages. This simple technique used in combination with proper timing when sending a vegetative plant into flower allows a gardener to effectively control the height of their plants while also maximizing their available space.


In addition to pruning a plant, you may also utilize more gentle techniques such as light stress training to control growth and open up the canopy to greater light penetration. This technique involves slowly and gently pulling branches to lay flat or parallel to the canopy, this branches secondary growth tips become new tops themselves. Gentle manipulation of the plants allows for more controlled growth without any direct harm done.


Once an even canopy has been created using the easy techniques mentioned you can increase the quality of the light penetration by selectively removing fan leaves that are obvious offenders, blocking out light from bud sites. These leaves are needed for nutrition throughout the grow but the occasional sacrifice is worth the increased quality in those buds that receive extra light. Clearing out some of the under canopy growth that won’t receive proper light allows for greater airflow around the plants, contributing to a successful grow.


Using these easy growing tips allows you to grow your plants in an efficient and effectual way that utilizes the compact footprint of Stealth Box as an advantage, you can control vertical growth while also maximizing horizontal canopy growth resulting in bigger and better harvests.