Stealth Box - Sprouting Seeds


Sprouting Seeds

Once you select what genetics you are going to grow it’s time to sprout your seeds and get started. With some care and attention sprouting seeds is quite easy. Included in the Stealth box is a seedling starter tray and dome, as well as the final pots that your plants will reside in. These are made of fabric and give the root zone access to increased levels of oxygen, enhancing your plants vigor and increasing yield.
Here we use the paper towel method because it is tried and true and it gives you a visual confirmation that you have germinated the seed, which if you are a new grower can help with your confidence and understanding the process.
If you are growing 4 plants it’s a good idea to germinate 5 or more seeds if you have them. Sometimes seeds just don’t work out, though uncommon, it can easily cut into your plant numbers. This way you can choose the best 4 and ensure strong seedlings.
Step one
Place your seeds in filtered or distilled water For 12-24 hours. This step is optional but can often help germinate seeds that may be slightly old or especially hard to crack. If you have fresh seeds this is often unnecessary. If you know your seeds are good they may only need a few hours to soak. Once seeds sink to the bottom of the glass if poked, they are ready to be wrapped in the paper towel. Do not soak seeds for too long as they can suffocate from lack of oxygen in stale water, 24 hours max.
Step two
Fold a sheet or two of paper towel in half twice to make a square
Step Three
Fill the spray bottle with water and use it to wet the paper towel
Step Four
Add seeds, fold the paper towel over to cover seeds. Spray with water to soak through.
Step Five
Place in the seedling dome and close it loosely to allow oxygen to enter. Wrap the container in a T shirt or hand towel
Step Six
Place in the grow box or a warm (not hot!) location for 24-36 hours. Check on the seeds, re-wet the towel if necessary and wait another 12 hours if they have not yet germinated. Once they have germinated you are ready to plant! Keep in mind that seeds can take various amounts of time to germinate. Generally, within a few days, you will see some life. Don’t be discouraged if you are not getting quick results. Be patient and they will open.
That's It!
Once your seeds have germinated you are well on your way to a successful grow. Simply plant the seeds into a seedling tray or their final pot by poking a small 1 inch hole in the center and placing the seed, tap root facing down and then covering lightly with soil. Water in gently and that’s it. Within a few days your seedling should emerge and begin it’s journey towards the vegetative stage and a successful harvest down the road. Germinating is an easy procedure and has been used by Cannabis growers for decades to make sure their plants get a good strong start. A healthy start lays a foundation for a successful grow.