Stealth Box - Organic Growing Tips


While the Stealth Box includes everything you need to get started and grow your plants there are various things you can do to improve your chances of success while growing. These aren’t necessary to complete a grow, they only help you to maximize the life in your living soil which in turn means healthier plants. Here are a couple simple additions that you can make that will really help your grow flourish while also being very low maintenance.


Fungus plays a large role in our forest ecosystems around the globe. You can take advantage of plants natural relationship with fungi by introducing Mycelium directly to your soil. Mycelium are the root like network of mushrooms. Mushrooms are actually the fruiting body of mycelium. In this particular case you won’t be seeing any mushrooms though, the main benefit here is having the mycelial network working with your roots to improve the efficiency of your soil.

Mycelium help your plants by forming a relationship with their roots where they will exchange nutrients with the roots for sugars exuded by the plants. Plants know what they want and they ask the mycelium to bring it to them. Using this inoculant in your garden can greatly increase the efficiency of your plants root system and is highly recommended.

In particular you want a product that contains Glomus intraradices aka Rhizophagus irregularis. This particular strain has been proven to have a relationship with Cannabis.

To use Mycorrhizae simply dust it directly on roots during transplant or on your seed sprout when you plant. It can also be mixed with water and immediately watered into the root zone. For Mycorrhizae to be effective it must come directly into contact with roots.


Bokashi is typically bran that has been inoculated with microbes to help break down organic matter and is used in an efficient system of composting. Because it is a great home for beneficial bacteria it is an easy way to introduce microbe life to your soil. It can simply be top dressed on your soil by sprinkling. It helps roots to fight off pests and disease by introducing bacteria that helps develop your plants immune system.

You can top dress about a ¼ cup every couple of weeks during growth to feed as a dry amendment, or mix directly in soil when first planting. Another way to utilize it’s microbial properties is to mix 1/3 of a cup of Bokashi with 4 litres of water and allow this to sit for 48 hours. After this add a teaspoon of Molasses if available and then strain this mixture. Drench your soil with this inoculated water to enrich the life of your soil. Don’t feel that you need to be constantly applying this however, once your soil is inoculated it should carry these benefits through for some time. Experiment and see what works for you.