Stealth Box - Organic Growing Tips Pt. II: Watering Additions


Growing organically can be very rewarding while giving you the ability to hop in the back seat and let your plants take control of their own growth. Many cultivators have found that allowing a living soil setup to run it’s course is often times more beneficial than trying to force the plant down a road it may not inclined to travel, which often results in over feeding various products that promise to increase growth but can have negative unbalancing effects to your soil. That being said there are a variety of subtle additions you can make that gently nudge your plants into more vibrant and supported growth. Here are a couple of simple additions you can add while watering that will help your living soil and your plants without being too intrusive to the micro life.


Aloe has been proven to aid plants in numerous ways. It is great during the seedling and vegetative stage for providing beneficial nutrients and pathogen resistance. It allows plants to make better use of their nutrient and water supply and conditions water to be better absorbed by your soil. It can be used at any watering as it is a low dose nutrient. You can use aloe in it’s whole form if you have access to an aloe plant, simply break off a fillet of aloe and squeeze it into a litre of water and stir. Alternatively you can purchase horticultural aloe powder that you rehydrate into an aloe solution and feed to your plants. If you can find organic aloe water this will also work. Use during the vegetative stage of growing and then move on to using coconut water during flower if you so desire.

Coconut water

Coconuts are the worlds largest seed and contain many beneficial nutrients that Cannabis loves. It has many minerals and nutrients that aid growing plants in developing quickly. They contain Cytokinins that promotes the division of roots in plants, this increases the size of your roots and aids in nutrient uptake. It also promotes increased growth of lateral shoots in the above ground plant. You can use coconut water during vegetative growth as well as on seedlings to promote root development. Use 15ml per litre for watering. You can use this every other watering. Try to buy organic coconut water or freeze dried coconut powder which can be mixed with water for the same effect. Using these simple watering additions can improve the overall health and quality of your grow. They are non invasive and do not contain so many direct nutrients as to throw your soil out of balance. Once a healthy soil is established it’s often best not to over do any sort of nutrient additions. The secondary benefits from these water additives are what greatly help the development of your plants, it’s hard to over use either of these but a good general rule is to alternate between additions and plain watering. Give it a try and experience the results for yourself.